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Psychological assessments can be an important tool in your hiring, management development, and team dynamics toolbox. They can also be extremely useful for individuals working on their own professional development. At MentorWerx, we are certified in using the 16PF instrument, a reliable, validated tool with decades of data and peer review behind it. The 16PF Questionnaire is one of the most widely recognized tools to assess personality.  We send you an online assessment, calculate the results, produce a report, and review the results with you.

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Management Potential Assessment

$150.00 each

Are you working to receive a management promotion? Have you been passed up for a promotion, even though you had mastered all of the important job skills and tasks? The role of manager requires many personal skills beyond the job tasks - personal skills that often go undiscussed. This assessment - one of the most highly regarded instruments of its type - will give you the insights you need to prepare, improve, and achieve your professional goals.

You will take this assessment from the comfort and privacy of your own computer. Once you complete the assessment, a MentorWerx analyst will produce an in-depth report on each of the following management dimensions:

  1. Leadership: Assertive, Facilitative, Permissive, Leadership Potential, Dominance
  2. Interacting with Others: Extraversion, Warmth, Liveliness, Social Boldness, Self-Reliance, Privateness
  3. Making Decisions: Reasoning, Creativity, Tough-Mindedness, Sensitivity, Abstractedness
  4. Initiative: Independence, Openness to Change, Rule-Consciousness, Perfectionism, Self-Control
  5. Personal Adjustment: Anxiety, Emotional Adjustment, Emotional Stability, Vigilance, Apprehension, Tension.

With your comprehensive report you will have the information you need to prepare yourself for the next management promotion opportunity. Don't wait! Start your personal and professional development improvement today.

Leadership Development Assessments

$225.00 each

Do you want to become a more effective leader, or do you have an employee or mentor-ee whom you are preparing for leadership? Then do what leadership candidates in Fortune 100 companies do and get a thorough analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. Using the 16PF, the most validated assessment instrument of this type, you will gain insight that was previously unavailable to you - insight that will help you take your leadership capabilities to the next level, and the next.

You take the Leadership Development Assessment from the comfort and privacy of your own computer. Once you complete the assessment, an analyst at MentorWerx will review your results and prepare for you an in-depth report of the following: complete profile summary, problem-solving style and ability, influence, emotional resilience, thinking style, practicality, and self-control. You will receive a comparison of your personal performance in each area relative to the average score range for successful leaders.

You will also receive suggested development practices, readings, and activities, and you will be given guidelines for writing a development action plan (including a template for the plan).

So what are you waiting for? Use the tool that thousands of Fortune 100 managers use to gain insight and improve their leadership skills. Personal growth and professional success are yours for the taking.

Pre-Employment Assessment

$150.00 each

The 16PF Pre-Employment Assessment gives you insight into your employment candidates - insight that will guide you to ask the right questions and explore the most relevant and important issues in their final employment interview.

You provide the employment candidate's email address. MentorWerx will send an explanation of the process and a link (including username and password) to take the assessment from the comfort of the candidate's own computer. Once the candidate has completed the assessment, we will interpret the results and provide you with a complete written report - including guidance regarding how to conduct the next interview.

The assessment will require as little as 45 minutes or as much as 2 hours of the candidate's time. Once MentorWerx receives the completed assessment data, we produce and send your report within 72 hours.

Don't attempt to hire without this important guidance and insight! Join the ranks of successful small business owners who use this effective and insightful tool to improve their employment interviews and increase their hiring success.

Career Guidance Assessments

$150.00 each

Are you evaluating your best options for career development or helping an employee or mentor-ee do so? Would you like to know how your or their personal strengths can lead to both career and personal success? Then this is the assessment for you. The 16PF Questionnaire is the most validated personal assessment instrument of its type, and the MentorWerx team is highly qualified to interpret this assessment and produce a detailed individual report.

When one takes the Career Guidance Assessment (online, from the comfort of one's own computer), one will answer questions to help determine problem-solving resources, patterns for coping with stressful conditions, interpersonal interaction styles, organizational role and work-setting preferences, career occupation, field, and activity interests, and personal effectiveness considerations.

After the assessment is completed, a MentorWerx evaluator will analyze the data and produce a detailed, in-depth personalized report that you can use to help set personal and professional growth goals and make important career decisions.

This type of coaching is invaluable for helping you chart a fulfilling career path, and it's rarely available to individuals outside corporate management training programs.

How the Assessment Process Works

When you purchase an assessment, you will immediately be directed to a form where you will provide the name and email address for the person who will be taking the assessment (even if you have purchased the assessment for your own use).

Once we have received that form, we will send two emails to the person who will be taking the assessment:

  1. Instructions for how to access the assessment system.
  2. An email with the username and password for logging in to take the assessment.
  3. Please allow 1 business day to receive these emails.

Once the assessment has been completed, we will receive the data and begin producing your detailed report. Please allow 3 business days from the completion of an assessment to receive the comprehensive report.


Andrea's book, "The How-to-Hire Handbook for Small Business Owners," has been widely praised as a concise, effective, useful guide to the hiring process. This is an actual handbook, filled with knowledge, instructions, forms, and resources. Your hiring practices will improve immediately when you use this handbook to guide you.

Job Planning

One of the reasons many hires fail is because the role for which they are hired isn't clearly defined. Using this handbook, you'll learn the steps in properly defining roles and preparing for new hires. With this specific guidance, you will hire the right people for a fitting role more consistently and with higher quality results.

Interviewing & Assessing

Getting to the real story about your candidates is really important. After all, most interviewees are busy putting on their best face! Learn the best questions to ask in an interview, how to structure interviews to get the most out of them, and how to decide which assessments to use (if any).

"Thinking isn't something we're born good at, like breathing. We must learn to think, and perfect it with practice and discipline."

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