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Andrea illustration maskedAndrea Hill (MentorWerx' owner) is always in-demand for meetings and consults at trade shows. We often hear from clients who ask us to let us know where she'll be and when, so they can set up a meeting! Tiffany, our program manager, said that if we could make private consult scheduling available for video chats, we could do it for trade shows, and she was right! So now, you can book a time with Andrea when you happen to be in the same city she's in. Andrea can't always set aside the time - some of her trips are pretty fast - but when she can, she will! If you want to see where she'll be in the next few months, and set up a time to meet with her, click the button below. Andrea's usual consulting rate is $200/hour, but she's making her on-the-road rate $100/hour so she can be more accessible for everyone.

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