greenrope logoGreenrope is a CRM (customer relationship management) software program that provides a strong set of tools for contact and customer management, email marketing, marketing automation, custom landing pages, social media integration and analysis, project management, and a whole lot more! Learn more about them here. 

We use Greenrope for all our brands (MentorWerx, StrategyWerx, and SupportWerx), and many of our customers use it too. So we've developed - and continue to develop - helpful little tools for improving understanding and use.  Read on for a full list of available videos


General Greenrope Tasks

Tags: How to create and manage tags in Greenrope. 

Loading Images in Greenrope

Project Management

Updating Project Tasks in Greenrope

Email Marketing

Using the Pick-and-Choose Filter in Greenrope

Loading and Saving Email Templates