Brand Review: Are My Brand Elements In Place?

Do your customers have a clear perception of who you are, how you are different, and why your brand matters?

If they do, then your sales are probably growing and you’re experiencing good problems – like how to keep up with demand.

If they don’t, then you’re losing sleep over money and wondering if owning your own business is such a great idea.

Good news! It could be that you just need to make a few important adjustments to enjoy the sales and profits you need (and want!).

Get Your Brand Elements in Order

The most effective way to maximize the value of every dime you spend on marketing is to have a compelling brand story with all the correct brand elements in place. It's just like using a hose in your garden. If you turn it on sprinkler mode, then the water comes out in a wide dispersion, throwing a little water everywhere but not a lot of water in any one spot. However, if you use it on direct mode, all the water comes out in one clear jet. Having your brand elements is place is like putting your marketing in jet mode.

Andrea Hill is the person who can teach you these brand elements. She helped make Playboy Direct Marketing a powerhouse in the 1980s, she transformed Rio Grande Jewelry Supply into an internationally recognized  brand in the 1990s and early 2000s, and since 2007 she has built The 'Werx Brands into a wildly successful corporation serving entrepreneurs in the jewelry, fine art, craft, and lifestyle markets.

In this webinar, Andrea Hill will review the elements of your brand and how those elements can and should work together to hyper-focus your marketing efforts. You'll receive a brand checklist and resources for improving your brand strategy. After this brand audit, you'll have all the information you need to make sure your brand elements are in alignment for the holiday selling season.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!

“I was at your Branding seminar at JCK. That was the best information I have ever heard on branding. It actually makes sense now!” Gerald

Why wait, when you can learn what you need right now?

You don’t have to have 20 years of marketing and an MBA under your belt to do what needs to be done. You just need someone to show you the ropes – and Andrea Hill is that someone. So why keep struggling? Without this branding information you could struggle for the next 2, 5, even 10 years to achieve your business goals.

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And learn the brand secret that top branding experts already know. Start changing your business for the better right now.

This webinar will take place on Tuesday, July 26 at 3:00 Eastern (2:00 Central, 1:00 Mountain, Noon Pacific).

A recording will be sent to all registrants, including any who are unable to attend.

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