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Obama Has a Twitter Account. Why Should You Care?

Barack Obama
Mass media and technology have allowed Presidents to communicate more directly with the American people over the past few decades. Now the arrival of @POTUS on Twitter marks the beginning of individual citizens all over the world opting in to the President's thoughts on a daily - or many times daily - basis. The news coverage has focused on what the President had to say, who he followed, and which pictures he posted. But the news, the real news, is much deeper than those things.

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No More Windows

cloud wifi 600x403Microsoft recently announced that Windows 10 will be the last Windows version. Don't get all excited you Microsoft haters - Windows isn't going away. But Microsoft is choosing to go with a cloud model for all future Windows development.

The best analogy for what will happen is to compare Gmail or Apple Mail to Outlook. If you use Gmail or Apple Mail, you know they are updated all the time. New code is developed and released when it's ready. If you're an Outlook user, you know that you get a new version of Outlook any time you buy a new version of Windows Office, update your PC, or pay for an upgrade. For some of you that may mean every year, but for most of you that means every two - four years. 

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