Obama Has a Twitter Account. Why Should You Care?

Barack Obama
Mass media and technology have allowed Presidents to communicate more directly with the American people over the past few decades. Now the arrival of @POTUS on Twitter marks the beginning of individual citizens all over the world opting in to the President's thoughts on a daily - or many times daily - basis. The news coverage has focused on what the President had to say, who he followed, and which pictures he posted. But the news, the real news, is much deeper than those things.

It's not news that social media launched the beginning of two-way conversations between consumers and brands. But when that two-way conversation means individuals can communicate daily with the President of the United States, it says that this is the new normal. It says that people and organizations that do not use social media communication methods (or use them well) are no longer relevant. 

We are already entering a one-to-one world, a world in which individuals find the products they want (or grow them at home on 3D printers) from the suppliers they originate with. A world in which consumers can determine to a very fine degree who is allowed to market to them, what information they wish to see, and how they wish to receive that information. A world in which people can hang out with President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama while they tell inside jokes.

Barley 50 years ago, Pepsi Cola was able to make itself relevant to an entire generation with a cool theme song. Today, brands are only relevant if consumers decide they are relevant. Yep - the simple fact that the President of the United States tweeted in May of 2015 means there's no turning back. Your business will never be the same, because public expectations have forever changed. If they can make the choice to hear directly from the most powerful man on earth, what will you have to do to entice them communicate with you?