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Why Isn't Anyone Seeing my Facebook Posts?

facebook news feed thumbs upFrustrated much? You have 4,824 Fans for your Facebook Page, but only 15-20 of them ever see your posts. Why does this happen?

It's the Facebook News Algorithm

Facebook looks at every single thing posted as an object. Status updates, photos, video links, events - every post type is just an object to Facebook. And Facebook analyzes each object to see how much interaction it gets (likes, comments, shares). If the objects you share on your Facebook page get lots of likes, comments, and shares, then your overall ranking will be higher. If your rank is high, Facebook will show your posts to more people. Here is the information you need to get better visibility.

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The Data Trap - 5 Simple Rules to Make Your Life Easier

Successfully move your data from one program to another

Chances are you've moved data from one program to another before. Perhaps you exported data from your POS system and imported it into Excel to take a closer look. Then perhaps you uploaded that same data into your new financial system.  Or you downloaded customer data from your financial program and want to upload it into MailChimp or Constant Contact for email marketing. If you've ever tried to do this yourself and found yourself in a big mess, you're not alone. Here are a few little tricks to make sure you move nice, clean data the next time around.

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A Quick, Simple Guide to Image Management

A long long time ago, say, 15 years, when an advertiser asked you for a photo for an ad, you simply sent them a photo or a slide and you were done with it. Nobody asked for a high res or low res image and you certainly weren't concerned about pixels or DPI (dots per inch). These days, each photography request comes with a set of specifications. While it may sometimes seem that advertising production folks are simply entertaining themselves at your expense, there's a reason behind this, and it's a fairly simple one to understand.

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SEO is Not What it Used to Be

Content BlackboardAre you fixated on achieving a higher page rank for specific search terms? Are you paying someone to create backlinks for you? Those things made sense just a few years ago, but today they are out-of-date. 

SEO has evolved right alongside the internet, which means fast. Initially SEO was about link building, then page ranks, then keyword searches. It will probably be something new again next year. But in the next few paragraphs we'll help you understand what SEO is about today and for the near future.

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Password Problems

lock and key
Do you get a guilty little feeling inside each time you enter your password into an online service, the guilty feeling that comes with the knowledge that you're not supposed to use the same password for everything and yet you do? If you've gotten away with it for this long, count your blessings. But now you need to make a change, and here's why.

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3D Printing for the Home

Jetsons machine in house
This Changes Consumer Products Forever

Remember the Jetsons? They could see one another when they spoke on the phone, their televisions were the size of the wall, and they produced the things they needed with little machines in the house. It all seemed so far-fetched back in the 1960s, and yet here we are, experiencing all those predictions today.

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