How to Differentiate Your Jewelry Business

gooseberries compressed 1931435If your business lacks a clear, effective, meaningful Strategic Plan, this course will help you create one. Worried that you don't know anything about strategic planning? Worry no more - this class teaches you strategic planning step-by-step as you create your plan!

Andrea Hill has taught Differentiate Your Jewelry Business around the world, both in workshop format for individuals working on independent business plans and for the management teams of larger companies. This course takes Andrea's proprietary approach to business strategy and breaks it down into components that you can learn, understand, and then execute.

    • In This Course You Will:

    • Define your business purpose
    • Define your ideal customer and peripheral customer targets
    • Learn to think strategically
    • Determine your business proposition
    • Complete a competitive analysis
    • Select strategic elements
    • Write your vision statement
    • Develop your customer acquisition strategy
    • Develop your product development strategy
    • Determine your service offering
    • SWOT analysis
    • Create a strategic to-do list
    • Assign strategic metrics

This course includes the following lessons:

Section 1: Introduction and Strategic Concepts

1. Are You Ready to Differentiate Your Jewelry Business?

2. Goals and Objectives

3. Reading: The Two Most Strategic Questions

4. Video: Strategic vs Operational Questions

5. Worksheet: Strategic vs Operational Questions

6. Report: Strategic vs Operational Questions

7. Completion of Section 1

Section 2: Differentiation and Competitive Advantage

8. Strategic Thinking, Business Purpose, and Business Proposition

9. Video: Differentiation and Competitive Advantage

10. Quiz: Differentiation and Competitive Advantage

11. Video: Competitive Factors

12. Worksheet: Competitive Factors

13. Report: Competitive Factors

14. Reading: What is Your Business Proposition?

15. Video: Intro to Business Proposition

16. Reading: Customer Intimacy and Other Value Disciplines

17. Video: Business Proposition as the Foundation of Differentiation

18. Quiz: Business Proposition Concepts

19. Completion of Section 2

Section 3: Competitive Analysis and Strategy

20. Video: Introduction to Competitive Analysis

21. Video: Competitive Analysis and Strategy

22. Instructions: Competitive Elements Brainstorming

23. Exercise: Competitive Elements Brainstorming

24. Exercise: Needs Met and Not Met

25. Exercise: Cost and Value Worksheet

26. Exercise: Competitive Elements Prioritization

27. Report: Competitive Elements Choices

28. Completion of Section 3

Section 4: Creating Your Recipe for Success

29. Video: Intro to BASE™ Elements

30. Print: BASE™ Elements Guide Sheet

31. Video: Choosing Strategic Attributes

32. Exercise: Choosing Attributes

33. Report: Strategic Attributes

34. Reading: Business Principles

35. Report: Business Principles

36. Section Completion

Section 5: Customer Acquisition Strategy

37. Video: Introduction to Customer Targeting

38. Exercise: Creating Customer Positioning Questions

39. Report: Submit Your Customer Positioning Questions

40. Completion of Section 5

Section 6: Product and Service Development

41. Video: A Reflection on Design

42. Exercise: Design Reflection

43. Report: Design Reflection

44. Video: Strategic Principles of Product Development

45. Quiz: Strategic Product Development

46. Completion of Section 6

Section 7: Tactical Planning and Metrics

47. Video: Purpose, Vision and Mission

48. Exercise: Purpose, Vision and Mission

49. Developing Your Strategic Metrics

50. Completion of Section 7


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Time Allowed: 180 days
Price: $500.00