Business and Strategy

business strategy stockunlimited1588436webBusiness problems are frequently related to poorly defined strategy. If your strategy is not clear, chances are the operations not aligned, and probably even suboptimizing one another. Sound strategy and business planning will help you develop a clear understanding of your strategic opportunities, differentiation, and competitive advantage. Strategic planning leads to sound operations, marketing, sales, and product development. In order to stay on track, good strategy includes goals, objectives, and measurement systems, which keep organizations aligned and on track.  Strategy is the foundation for every other business element.

When you take a class in strategy or business planning with MentorWerx, you are tapping into Andrea Hill's years of practice and highly refined understanding of strategic business development. She has vast experience creating, reviving, and managing successful businesses, and she has turned this knowledge into practical, immediately applicable training programs that will help you improve your business immediately.


gooseberries compressed 1931435Andrea Hill's acclaimed strategy course for jewelry business owners is now being offered via a six-week, self-paced online course. Using videos, written materials, and lots of support from Andrea herself, you will learn about business strategy and create a strategic plan for your business. Here are all the details you need to see why you should sign up for this course today.

Time Allowed: 180 days
Price: $500.00